Catz Corner

I'm Sarah, aka "RealCatz," thriving in web3 with these roles:

  • Media Maven: Engaging content creator.

  • Edutainer & Licensed Educator: Making web3 accessible and fun through educational entertainment.

  • Community Builder: Connecting people in web3.

  • Social Audio Director: Orchestrating captivating experiences.

  • Podcast Pro: Hosting insightful conversations.

  • Mindfulness Coach: Finding balance in web3.

  • Pixel Artist: Creating stunning digital art.

  • Photographic Storyteller: Sharing meaningful moments.

  • Humor Ninja: Stealthily delivering jokes that strike with laughter.

  • Curator: Showcasing the best of web3.

  • AI Prompt Engineer: Inspiring with AI-generated prompts.

  • Web3 Consultant: Expert guidance for success.

  • Talent Scout: Spotting emerging stars.

Join me on my web3 journey at my updated website! Let's make web3 unforgettable.

Sarah 'RealCatz'

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Sarah "realcatz" is a prominent digital artist and educator, making waves in the Web3 and NFT arenas. Known for her distinctive artistry and passion for teaching, she has carved out a unique space in the digital art world. An ardent advocate for diversity and inclusion in the crypto sphere, she uses her platform to foster meaningful discussions and connections. Her engaging social audio content and insightful Twitter conversations have earned her a strong online following. Sarah "realcatz" continues to broaden her influence, reaching art lovers and tech enthusiasts around the globe. Join Sarah on her journey as she navigates the exciting intersection of art, education, and Web3 technology.